What are the Top Chatbot Trends to Expect in Marketing in 2020 and Beyond?

Chatbot Trends

Chatbot Trends: Chatbots are very useful for businesses that wish to project a robust brand image and offer the best customer service that is possible. Due to advances in machine learning and technology, these have become more and more popular in the last few years. You can expect these to evolve more and more, and play a major role in customer service and marketing for any type of business. Know about some of the biggest trends in Chatbots that are expected to make a mark in the year 2020 and even beyond.

Chatbot Trends: Use of Voice experiences

Over 111 million people in the US alone use personal voice-activated assistants a minimum of one time every month. You can expect voice-activated experiences to be more mainstream in chatbots in the coming years. Amazon, Google and other big names in the industry are already pushing their intelligent ‘speakers’. You can expect voice-activated chatbots to be answering customer queries on the internet in the near future.

Chatbot Trends: Rich customer insights

Useful customer data is stored by Chatbots for analysis. The year 2018 saw steady growth in the adoption of chatbots. Various reports show that 80% of companies would be using more results-driven and customized chatbots by the end of 2020.

Chatbot Trends: Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is useful in automating the collection of data. The analysis needs excellent attention from a team that is dedicated, which may then concentrate on success creation, reducing errors as much as possible, optimization of various processes, focusing on various areas of improvement and more. Cutting edge chatbots can make themselves better by picking up more data and knowledge over a period of time.

Chatbot Trends: Understanding of natural language

Some businesses have begun to work on processing Natural Language. In Facebook, one of the USP’s is promoting a better understanding of the inquiries of users by its own chatbot. However, this technology is still in its early stages, and there are miles to go before it can be regarded as perfect. This technology is aimed at making machines and users interact with each other in a more natural way. Chatbots are still unable to comprehend complicated requests, but more money is being spent by businesses into developing this.

Substituting apps

Chatbots can be expected to combine various apps into one, and automate various business activities as well as improve customers’ experience. These can make sales interactions easier for businesses, and reduce the need for customer care team members.

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