3 Ways A Well-Designed WordPress Website Can Increase Your Profits

A Well Designed WordPress Website

A Well-Designed WordPress Website Makes A Difference

A well-designed WordPress website can be the difference between success and failure online. Businesses that don’t have websites are missing out on potential customers who need their services, while businesses with poorly designed websites are missing out on sales, they could be making by presenting their products or services in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Here are three ways that having a well-designed WordPress website can increase your profits, whatever your business might be. (These tips also apply to non-WordPress websites, of course.)

A well-designed website is an extension of your business. It’s not simply a collection of text, images, and links; it’s a marketing tool to help get your brand in front of potential customers online. Plus, with hundreds of theme options, you can get creative with your website design without having to hire a designer or developer—which can be invaluable for small businesses on a budget. If you have a brand-new business or are in need of a fresh look for your existing one, investing in a high-quality WordPress theme should be one of your top priorities. Here are three reasons why…

1) Value of a well-designed WordPress website

Value of a well-designed WordPress website

A professional site will improve your credibility and a quality theme will increase your profits. WordPress themes range from $35-$300. Strong brands begin with strong websites.

  • Stefano Vernato, Founder & CEO at Studio WebPop What do clients want? They want to meet us as people who care about their business.
  • Colin Walsh, President at Prospress LLC [Using a custom design] really helps put our company on par with those big companies I admire.
  • Liz Bacelar from MeTime Strategies, In my opinion... There's no reason not to invest in a quality WordPress theme right now.

You can expect it to last you years, with minimal upkeep required. You don't have to be a code ninja or marketing expert—you just need some basic technical know-how and design sense. Don't know where to start? Here are some of our favourite themes by industry.


Retail & Fashion

Small Businesses

If you're ready for something custom, there are dozens of professional designers available on ThemeForest who will work with you step-by-step to create your own unique theme based on your specific needs.

What benefits do well designed WordPress websites offer small businesses?

  • They increase traffic and lead generation
  • They help drive conversions
  • They save time and money compared to custom designs

That said... For all their benefits, poorly designed websites tend to stand out more than those that are well made. This is especially true online: even if your site is filled with brilliant content and engaging interactions, visitors aren’t likely to stick around if they see that it doesn’t look like other sites they might trust (think: Google). The whole point of building a website is growing awareness about your brand. If people visit but leave quickly because they weren’t impressed with what they saw or interacted with, you might as well not have built one at all.

2) What Makes Up A Well Designed WordPress Website

What Makes Up A Well Designed WordPress Website

Usually when people think of a well-designed website, they think of fancy animations, unique interfaces, and textures. While these are aspects that are important to your website’s design, if you’re trying to increase profits you need to pay attention to more than just looks. There are three main elements that can help improve your conversion rates on your site: page load speed, usability, and content.

All three are easy to get right, but hard to get wrong.

Shorter Webpages Increase Conversions - Another quick tactic to increase conversions is by shortening your webpages. Shorter webpages mean less time spent reading through all the text, which means less time spent formulating an opinion about whether someone will purchase what it is you’re selling.

This makes them much more likely to make a purchase decision since they’ve already read through most of what you have to say. But how can I shorten my page? First off, remove any filler content that doesn’t really add anything other than taking up space on your page. You should then go through and shorten each paragraph down as much as possible without compromising too much information for your visitors.

3) Result of Having an Unprofessional Looking WordPress Site

Result of Having an Unprofessional Looking WordPress Site

The other day I came across a company’s website. The first thing that stood out to me was how unprofessional their site looked. I didn’t even need to know anything about them to know that they were no good. After seeing their poorly designed WordPress website, I have since been turned off from doing business with them.

You don’t want people to judge your business based on what your site looks like, so it is important to put in some extra effort and get a professionally designed WordPress website design if you want people trust your brand and doing business with you. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars either; there are plenty of inexpensive options available online if you just know where to look. If your current web designer isn’t meeting all your needs, below are three reasons why having a well-designed WordPress website can boost revenue for your business.

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