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SEO Keyword Research Made Easy in 2019

SEO Keyword Research Made Easy in 2019 – Google receives over 1.2 trillion searches every year.

It’s no surprise why content marketers are spending so much cash, effort and energy into targeting them – and bringing ideal customers to their website via search.

But in order to target them, you need to focus on one thing: keywords.

The words, phrases and sentences that your audience is searching for are critical. By finding the right keywords, understanding them, and using them on your website, you could hit the jackpot: A boost in organic traffic – and content marketing ROI – as a result. Sounds like the dream, right?

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The four integral parts of a website audit you must never forget

The four integral parts of a website audit you must never forget – A wholesome website audit brings the USP, pros, and cons of a website into clear view. A proper audit for your site is similar to a whole-body check-up for a human. It will give you an understanding of your website’s health and performance.

A website is a unit consisting of several parts including the content, image, links, URLs, call-to-actions and videos. Therefore, auditing the site on your own can be quite the struggle. Most teams hire professional auditing teams and software to take a look at their site’s SEO, performance and marketing strategies. All-in-one software programs like Siteimprove have helped thousands of organizations establish their dominion on the web.

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How Important is Search Engine Optimization SEO when Building your New Website?

How important is search engine optimization SEO when building your new website?

As a global marketplace, the world wide web is a crowded place. A study by Ignite Visibility found that “the top three results on the first page of SERP get almost 47% of all clicks.” Impressive visuals or a one-of-a-kind product won’t make a difference if no one sees your website when they perform an online search. With more than 200 ranking factors affecting your website’s appearance in searches, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Start from the beginning by optimizing for SEO while building your new website.

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How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer

How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer – A Full Stack Web Developer is a programmer that is skilled enough to develop both client and server software. The client or frontend software basically refers to the user-facing components of the application and how the software/application would communicate with the user. The server or backend software, on the other hand, refers to how a software/application would function while interacting with the front-end components.

While full-stack web developers are expected to be accustomed to a wide array of skills, having a strong grip over all the areas isn’t necessary. However, Full Stack Web Developers should have enough information, skills, and knowledge to be able to work on both ends and understand the processes within the application/website.

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Web Development with Rust

Web Development with Rust – APIs are the bread and butter of how a modern and fast-paced web environment. Frontend application, other web services and IoT devices need to be able to talk to your service.

API endpoints are like doors to which you decide what comes in and in which format. Since Rust is a statically typed language with a strong compiler you won’t face many of the common pitfalls about running a web service in production.

Although there are still run time errors which you have to cover. HTTP Requests When we talk about creating an API we basically mean a web application which listens on certain paths and responds accordingly.

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Web Development Update: Design Ethics And Clarity Over Style

Web Development Update: Design Ethics And Clarity Over Style – “‘Ethics’ and Ethics” is more than a typical article. It’s a detailed essay exploring what the term ‘ethics’ really means, how its meaning changed in recent times, and how the diffusion of responsibility makes it hard to address and fix problems in big organizations.

Implementing design ethics, tech ethics, or business ethics as individual responsibilities might seem like a quick and easy solution, however, it’s not a very effective one as they all lack context when they don’t have support from other people who provide the foundation for their work. Only if a company’s business analysts, bookkeepers, investors, PR, marketing and sales people, as well as the CEO themselves all, contribute to building an ethical product, it will become successful. And because such an undertaking requires so many people to be on board, it’s rarely seen out in the wild.

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An Update on Theme Updates

An Update on Theme Updates – Over time, even WordPress themes can show their age. As the months roll by after a theme is released, we slowly build a list of improvements and bug fixes for that theme. Sometimes we miss a small styling bug. Other times, we decide to wait and see on a feature.

Regardless of the nature of the improvements, we make a commitment to keeping our theme collection up to date by providing bug fixes, new features, and interface updates from time to time, so that users buying themes today get the same quality experience users had yesteryear when the themes were originally released.

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