Top 4 benefits in having a bot in Facebook Messenger

bot in Facebook Messenger Today

Have you ever considered why bots in Facebook messenger became famous? Well, there are many reasons for this. Technically, the bot in Facebook messenger was designed to establish a communication channel between businesses and customers. When compared to traditional mobile apps, the bot was cheaper and more efficient in accomplishing its job. This why there are more than 300,000 chatbots inside the social media networking site. Also, the competition for developing bots is much lesser than any other application. After all, with millions of businesses, the demand for bots in Facebook messenger will never reduce. With this being said, let’s learn more about how a bot can help your business in Facebook.

Target audiences easily and directly with a bot in Facebook!

First things first, you can use the bot in Facebook messenger to target and reach all your audiences easily and directly. A study conducted by Headliner Labs revealed that potential clients are likely to open a Facebook message over conventional emails. And, the chances are nearly three times better! Also, the likelihood of a customer responding to the CTA increases when there is little to do. This is how you can attract clients down the marketing funnel.

Above these, Facebook is known for having sponsored advertisements. These ads can be sent to any customer who gets in touch with your page. All of these tasks will become easier when you rely on a bot in Facebook messenger. The Chatbot will help in sending ads to the right, and high intent clients.

Save money and time!

Another impressive reason to use bot in Facebook messenger would be saving more time and money. On an average, customers demand for round the clock support. No one likes to wait for responses. And, some customers have the habit of raising similar questions time after time.

Businesses that spend lots of time checking on policies, booking appointments and tracking deliveries will lose focus. It is important to automate these tasks. This is where a bot becomes handy. The bot in Facebook messenger will help handle all these chores. As a result, you will have more time to focus on other tasks.

Generating leads

Moving on, the bots will be useful in generating leads. The moment a potential customer enters into the page; it would be the responsibility of the bot to greet them. Then, they need to identify the needs of the customer and raise basic queries. For example, you can program the bot to ask: what is your budget, and what are you looking for.

These are ways of keeping customers attached to your page. In fact, such moves will translate to high quality leads easily

Handle transactions

Finally, you can use the bot in Facebook messenger to take care of e-commerce transactions. How simple can this get?

Bots can be programmed to take care of your sales cycle. Since much of the operations are performed within the Messenger, the rate of drop-off can be reduced. When compared to conventional website pipelines, the Facebook messenger promises higher conversion rates.

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