Online Chatbots and the Importance, Technology and Science Behind Them

Online Chatbots

If you are reading this post, you might be curious to know what online chatbots are.

By definition, online chatbots are newly developed tools for establishing an interaction between human beings and systems. Now, doesn’t this sound extremely interesting? Chatbots are widely used on the internet. From e-commerce websites to secure banking sites, chatbots seem to be everywhere. Many a time, online chatbots are also referred to as “Virtual Assistants”.

What are Chatbots?

Now, let’s get into the science behind chatbots.

Some online chatbots are artificial intelligence solutions. These solutions are programmed to stimulate normal conversations using natural language. The communication happens over websites, traditional telephones, applications and mobile apps.

Are Online Chatbots Important? 

Over the years, the demand for solutions like online chatbots has increased. There has been a sharp change in the way companies function, with the use of these technologies. Chatbots are recognized as a highly capable technology. It promises a future where machines and human beings can interact. Yet, it is important for us to understand that online chatbots are only an extension and an improved version of the “Question and Answer Protocols” using “Natural Language Processing”.

How Do the Online Chatbots Work?

Understanding how these chatbots work is not rocket science. In general, the solution comprises two layers: User Request analysis and Response.

To begin with, the chatbot has to analyze the questions raised by the user. It needs to go through the query, and extract entities. With these entities, the chatbot will be able to comprehend the “intention” of the question. Undeniably, this is one of the most important components of this technology. Without careful analysis of the question, and figuring out what the user needs – a valid response cannot be generated.

Once the intention of the question is identified by the online chatbot, a corresponding answer (or response) needs to provide. The response can be anyone of the following:

  • A predefined or generalized text
  • An extract from a knowledge system. This may result in numerous options or solutions to the same problem.
  • Data stored in the bot system
  • Another dis-ambiguous question that would help the online chatbot reach a better solution.

So, why is this technology crucial? Does the world truly benefit from online chatbots? Certainly yes! The streamline interaction between customers and businesses through chatbots can ensure a better experience. This increases the chances of customer retention. And, it reduces the number of time customers needs to wait for service. Meanwhile, businesses can cut down thousands of dollars every year on customer service. The online chat bot would take care of “most” of the work. Only when the questions are too customized, would a real human being be required for the response. This means, your customer service team can be cut down by 1/3rd – yet, your performance and efficiency will remain intact (or better).

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