Why Social Media Marketing?

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C, let’s start with some questions for you to think about the purpose of Social Media Marketing.

  • Do you have enough social presence online?
  • Are your customers following your business?
  • Ever know what your customers are talking about you?
  • Introducing a very brilliant product/service to the market?
  • Are you engaging to your customers cry in social media?

With Social Media, the digital business opportunities are numerous. Unless you know how to tame it, you are never going to gain its benefits. No matter how hard you try in driving innovation, if it doesn’t reach the people – your targeted audience – what good does it do anyway?

Let’s now understand that Social Media is the future of anything that’s connected on the web. It’s the place where people reside; where networking is the basic necessity to expose and sell your hard work.

Static To Dynamic: Picture-In-Motion

For Boosting Brand Awareness and Lead Acquisition through Social Media, most agencies commonly use High-Quality Content with Static Images (as illustrated in Old-age Design). But customers are now more interested in Interactive Images or so-called Picture-In-Motion with Gif/Mp4 formats (as illustrated in New-age Design).


  • New-age Lead Acquisition tactic: Any customers will get attracted and helps meet business objectives of your clients.
  • Advanced Level of Brand Exposure: With the Logo appearance, it can instil a strong impression on the Viewers of your clients.
  • GIF/Videos are the Trend: All top Social Networks now support GIF and Videos is the key.
  • Affordable Pricing: No company offers such a New service and not at the price we offer. You can gain MAX returns in a short period of time.

“Social Media Marketing Strategy is an Inbound Marketing concept with platforms that enable digital businesses (B2B/B2C) to engage with its customer base by creating & sharing value-added contents relevant to the specific industry through tips, products, services, quotes, events, etc. with a motive to support and make customers participate in real time.”

Literally, Social Media for Business is to promote human-to-human (H2H) interaction with regards to business objectives.

With SIM as your Social Media agency, we deliver successful social media campaigns unlike any other social media companies by following the best practices in the industry

  • Estimated amount of active social media users is 2.03 Billion with global penetration of 28%
  • Social Networking accounts for 28% of all media time spent online
  • 16% of people rely on Twitter or Facebook for their Morning NEWS
  • 5 Million images are uploaded on Instagram each day
  • More than 500 Million tweets are sent out per day by users
  • The Google+ button is pressed 5 Billion times a day by users

Phew! Isn’t that mind-blowing? Now, why would anyone miss the opportunities that are totally available for FREE and invest on other channels that eventually make one bankrupt? Well, it’s now or never! Choose one package and leverage complete liberation.

Our 4 Social Media Packages

DigitalStartup’s Social Media Management employs 4 solid packages that are tailored after years of digital excellence in delivering commendable results to clients.


A basic social media package to keep your Social Platform active.


A package with the next level of activity for added reach.


A package promoting massive influence and participation.


A custom package tailored based on your objectives and budget.

Our Process

  • We Consult together to Plan Strategies that best meets objectives.
  • We send a Required Data Form (RDF) to you to support project execution.
  • We create Branded Contents based on the RDF and through research.
  • We send created contents to you for your Verification & Approval.
  • Upon approval, we begin Project Execution such as Distribution, Interaction, etc.
  • For each week, we send out Social Media Editorial Content Calendar.
  • Quality Check (QC) is done at all levels.
  • We provide FREE Social Media Audit & Competitor Analysis Report (worth R1000)
  • At the end of each month we provide you with Comprehensive Analytical Reports

Our Affordable Social Media Marketing Services Packages

$ 87 USD /Monthly
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Content Distribution
  • Status Report
$ 147 USD /Monthly
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Content Distribution
  • Status Report
$ 309 USD /Monthly
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Content Distribution
  • Status Report