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PPC Campaign Audit


PPC Campaign Audit – The common mistake common with PPC advertisers is that they assume that if the campaign is set up right; it will run autopilot and no need for any further optimization.

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The fact is that the ad positions, clicks and conversion are determined by various factors which change from time to time. The trends change, competitors change and search behaviour change. Our PPC campaign audit will provide meaningful insights and actionable intelligence on the positive, negatives and room for improvement.

“There’s really never a bad time to audit your account because you’re going to find something to help improve performance through this process.”

AdWords Campaign Audit

  • Analyze Performance Across Networks
  • Audit network performance data and identify the best and worst performing networks across search, display, mobile ads etc.
  • Audit Devices, Location, Time, DemographicsIdentify best-performing devices, day, time and location where the major conversions had happened. This data will help allocate the right budget for e.g. the budget for non- performing devices should be minimized and moved to top performing devices.
  • Audit Ad Creative – Identify the best and worst performing ad creative. Audit ad creative for spelling, grammar and expired offers, promotions etc.
  • Audit Keyword & Quality Score – Audit and find out the best and worst performing keywords. Identify and collect negative keywords based on broad, exact and phrase match. Identify keywords with low quality score.
  • Audit Landing Pages – Analyze the landing pages for content, call to actions and ad relevancy. Find out if there are broken links, spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Top Selling Products, ServicesReport the top-selling products, services with associated data such as volume, amount, medium etc.
  • Clicks, Click Through Rate(CTR), CPCAudit the click data and report the number of clicks, click through rate, Cost per click for a certain period compared to the previous period.
  • Search Impression Share AuditAnalyze search impressions and report missed search impressions based on budget allocation and ad-rank.
  • Conversions, Conversion Rate, CPA & SpendAnalyze the number of conversions, click to conversion ratio, cost per acquisition and campaign spends.

Identify Issues & Actionable Insights:

We will not only identify issues but also recommend actions to fix the issues. Our experts will provide a detailed report on how we can fix the issues and improve campaign performance. If needed, we can help you fix the issues if any.

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