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Penalty Recovery Audit Unlimited URL’s


Penalty Recovery Audit Unlimited URL’s – Page level audit for backlinks from Google webmaster tools. Detect drop in traffic, analyze & identify bad links based on Google Penguin 4.0 update.

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Penguin 4.0 Google update is based on page level backlinks rather than the entire site as it was used to be in the previous updates. For e.g., if an inner section or a particular page is linked from a relevant high-quality webpage, it will rank on the SERP’s no matter the home page is ranked or not. It is the vice versa for a link from Spammy or manipulated page.

All this happens in real time, as and when you gain a high-quality backlink chance are your pages will get on SERP’s in a couple of days or even hours based on Google crawling & indexing. While It Is Too Good To Have A Real-Time Update, The Ranking Will Be Affected Negatively If Google Picks Up A Bad Backlink To Your Site/Page.

The Solution

Backlink Audit & Disavow at Regular Intervals. “We haven’t changed the disavow feature or our recommendations for it ” a Google spokesperson confirmed with The SEM Post when asked on backlink audit for Penguin 4.0. Google recommends contacting site owners to that you try and remove those links from the websites, before using the disavow tool.

Google’s webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller confirms no changes in disavow post penguin 4.0.

Manual Actions

If you have received unnatural link warnings, or if your site has a sudden drop in organic traffic, or if your search rankings have dropped significantly, it is mandatory to do a backlink audit, clean up the bad links and do a disavow. Our backlink audit team will provide a turnkey service from backlink audit to reconsideration requests.

Why Should You Hire Us For Backlink Audit & Google Penalty Recovery?

We have a 98% success rate of recovering websites from Google Manual Penalties and other Google penalties.

We do the entire backlink audit process systematically from identifying bad links, analyzing anchor text, contacting website owners for link removal, process disavow file and send a reconsideration request to Google.

Our Backlink Audit teams of expert’s device the right strategy and action that can get your website back on track, regaining lost traffic and rankings.

What Is New With Penguin 4.0 Process And How Is It Different From Regular Audit? (Updated 28th Sep)

Penguin 4.0 update is on a granular level which affects individual pages rather than the entire site. So our backlink audit team will identify the pages which lost their rankings with the help of Google analytics and get the backlinks associated with the particular page. This backlink audit process will need more time and expertise than the regular audit.

Backlink Audit & Google Penalty Recovery Roadmap:

  • We collect all the backlinks to your website from multiple sources including Google Webmaster tools
  • Our Backlink Audit team manually reviews all backlinks and classifies good and bad ones
  • We send individual link removal e-mails on your behalf to website owners for every bad link
  • Send reminders to website owners or contact them through social media and try to get it removed
  • Create a Disavow file with the remaining bad links and upload it to WMT
  • We document all work carried out in the backlink audit and submit a reconsideration request to Google
  • Get your Site recovered from Google Penalty

Who Should Send A Reconsideration Request?

Reconsideration request to Google is only for websites which have received an unnatural link warning. Un-natural Link warnings if any can be found on the webmaster tools under the “Manual Action".

What Is The Difference Between Algorithmic Penalty And Manual Penalty?

Google uses both an automatic algorithm and manual webspam team to find out sites which have a bad backlink profile. An algorithm penalty is done automatically by Google’s ranking software. Algorithmic penalized sites will witness a huge drop in SERP positions and thus a steep decline in traffic. If a site is hit by algorithmic penalty it will not receive un-natural link warning.

What Do You Mean By Backlink Audit For Unlimited URL’s And 100 Domains?

Typically your webmaster tool will contain 1000’s of backlink URL’s. But we do not take this into account, we consider only the domains. On an average, if your website has 1000 backlink URLs the linking domains will be from 70-100.

What If My Website Has More Than 100 Domains To Audit?

Our Backlink Audit team will contact you with the details of extra domains to be audited. We will make a separate order to audit the extra domains. This also applies to contact site owners.

How Much Do You Charge For Backlink Audit To Extra Domains?

The rate for auditing extra domains is $45/ 100 domains.

Will You Send Us The Bad Links For Our Approval Before You Disavow?

Certainly, Yes we will send you the list of bad domains for your approval before we disavow the backlinks.

Will I Get A Report On-Site Wide Links? Should I Disavow Site Wide Links?

Yes, You will get a report on sitewide links and it is not necessary to disavow all sitewide links. If those links generate traffic then we recommend a “rel=nofollow" which is the best option.

Why Am I Not Seeing All The Back Links In The List? Why Is The Google Webmaster Tool’s Back Link Different From Ahrefs Or Any Other Backlink Tool? Should I Consider Links Other Than Google Webmaster Tool Backlink Report?

You may not see all the backlinks to your site, but we are concerned only about Google and nothing else. Google de-index several URLs and Domains which they consider useless to an audience. So we need not worry about those backlinks. Beware, some agencies may pull out the data using these automated tools and provide you with 1000s of useless junk links, which they claim to clean up.

I Have A Paid Link Which Generates Good Amount Of Targeted Traffic, Should I Still Disavow It?

NO, YOU Need Not and Should Not. Request the website owner to tag with a “rel=nofollow" and make it clear to the visitor that the link is an advertisement. The same applies to partner sites.

Are All Article Links Considered SPAM?

Unfortunately YES, Google considers EzineArticles, the industry leader as bad.

Should I Provide Google Web Master Tools Access For Backlink Audit?

It is not a necessary requirement. It will be great if you can provide webmaster access, if not we will send you detailed instruction on how to download the backlinks and send us the links. Also, we will provide you instructions on how to send reconsideration request if you are not able to give us owner access.

There Are So Many Automated Back Link Audit Tools And Why Should I Do A Manual Back Link Audit?

Automated tools cannot provide an accurate analysis. Relevance is important to Google when it comes to backlinks. Automated backlink tools only can provide Garbage results and most likely good links will be disavowed and bad links will still remain in your backlink profile.

Why Should I Hire An Expert To Disavow Links?

Google has answered for this


New Questions – Updated 09-28-2016

Why Is The First Discovered Date For Some Of The Links Showing An Earlier Than The Date I Built My Site?

The backlink report is downloaded from google webmaster tools and some of the backlinks are showing a previous date for the “first discovered" even before the domain is registered. This is because a link may have been pointing to another domain (we will call it “Site Doe" as it is unknown) on a previous date. This “Site Doe" may have been redirected either to your website or may have even redirected to site doe -1: site doe -2 ….. site doe -N and then to the original site. That is the reason that the first discovered showing a very old date compared to the registration of the domain.

Why The Partner Sites Are Not Showing On The Back Link Data?

The Google webmaster backlinks data are not the only backlinks to any site. There may be hundreds or even thousands more when you check with other tools. But Google doesn’t give any significance (positive/negative) to these domains and they really do not matter to Google’s Algorithm on ranking a site. That is the reason you are not seeing some of your partner sites on the backlink data.

Why Do You Charge 25 Cents For Analyzing A Domain While Other Companies Charge A Lot More?

We are in the Industry for a decade and are so familiar with Good and Bad domains, which help us analyze bad links better and faster than anyone. Unlike other backlink audit companies, we do not overcharge our clients.

I Had Hired Another Company Who Disavowed All My Backlinks, Revoked My Penalty But My Traffic Dropped To Almost Zero. Why Did It Happen After The Penalty Recovery?

Well, you are not the first one to ask this question. We have received the question from several website owners, and upon reviewing their disavow file we found that it contained a number of good domains including and others. What had happened is that the site lost the entire backlink juice including the Good ones and so the traffic had dropped significantly.

Can I Request Google To Re-Consider My Good Backlinks Which Had Been Disavowed Already?

Now there is no option to retain the Good links after you have disavowed them as the disavow file is processed automatically.

Do You Contact Webmasters Individually And Request A Link Removal?

Yes, we contact the webmasters or website owners individually with the details of the backlink(s) and request them to remove those links. You will get proof of every link removal email sent. Also, we will send this link removal request proof to Google while sending a reconsideration request.

Will You Explain The Reason On Why A Backlink Is Good Or Bad?

YES, each and every domain will be assessed by experts and we will provide you with the reason why a domain is Good or bad.

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