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Goals Funnels & E-commerce tracking Setup


Goals Funnels & E-commerce tracking Setup – E-commerce tracking in Google Analytics is an extremely powerful reporting tool that not only gets you information about the purchased products but provides you with actionable insights on how to increase your sales.

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A goal funnel gives a clear visualization of the different steps a visitor needs to experience in order to achieve a specific goal. The actual procedure being structured by the goal funnel helps to identify the strong and weak areas where a visitor performs the desired action. This helps you to determine if the user is dropping on the way to your desired action on your site which can be fixed to boost your conversion rate and revenue.

Custom Dashboards For Effective Tracking

After setting all goals, funnels & e-commerce tracking, there must be an easy method to track the results effectively. Feature rich yet meaningful dashboards will be created for your website based on the importance of actions performed, with charts and tables.

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