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Digital Video Production Expert


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Voice over Add-On
Voice Over Add-On R680.00
Voice over - Add voice narration to the video; Delivery time +5 days (highly recommended)
Video Profile Creation Add-On
Video Profile Creation R1,560.00
Video Profile Creation & Customization on Top 20 Display Networks
Video Publication Add-On
Video Publication Add-On R760.00
Video Publication on Top 20 Display Networks (with SEO Rich Title, Description, & Tags)
Social Media Profile Creation
Social Media Profile Creation R1,160.00
Social Media Profile Creation & Customization on Top 7 Networks
Social Networks Add-On
Social Networks Add-On R600.00
Video Publication on Top 7 Social Networks (with Personalized Title, Description, & Hashtags)
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  • Professional & Personalized Script Writing
  • Based on a True-Story Note
  • With Male/Female Voice-Over
  • Swhich converts Visitors into Prospects up to 80%
  • Delivered at High-Definition Quality
  • Animations – Up to 1080p
  • At very Affordable Prices!

Explainer Videos

Launching a new company or taking up new ventures? Introducing a new product or service?

Then let’s produce a powerful Explainer Video that tells about how different you are from others, the unique solution you are going to offer, and what your viewers can expect from you. We produce both Basic & Expert level Explainer Videos (similar to the one shown towards the right) which easily makes people understand why they should opt in for your service.

How to Videos

Are you a Dentist, a Plumber, a Mechanic, or just anyone who offer brilliant solutions?

But do people think you don’t exist?

Then let’s show them you do exist by producing practical How-to Videos which guides/demonstrate on how to get things done quickly and easily.

We produce both Basic & Expert level How-to Videos (similar to the one shown towards the left) which proves your expertise to your potential viewers and in turn, people come asking you for expert advice!

Tips & Tricks Videos

There are numerous answers to a question but to deliver it in an understanding way is yet again another question.

O, this we have an answer! Let’s produce videos which explains each tips & tricks with steps, images, and much more that is easily understandable by the viewers.

We produce both Basic & Expert level Tips & Tricks Videos (similar to the one shown towards the right) which engages people to ask more questions and cherish with your answers.

Whiteboard Videos

We produce videos that explain concepts and processes in a more realistic and captivating way. It is simple and has a Human-hand which perfectly illustrates and explains based on the given input script. It helps your needs in providing Online Tutorials and much more.

We produce both Basic & Expert level Whiteboard Videos (similar to the one shown towards the right) which helps viewers understand concepts at ease.

Character Animations Videos

Producing professional real life videos takes more efforts, time, and money to deliver. This is where we bring animated characters to life with the scripts created exclusively on your own choices.

Not just that, it’s even more engaging and interactive if set on a story mode. Character Animations are one of the best people converting tools in the market.

We produce both Basic & Expert level Character Animations (similar to the one shown towards the left) which is more appealing and helps meeting business objectives.

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How We Do What We Do…

  1. We gather your business objectives
  2. We analyze and create the perfect script with call-to-actions
  3. We decide on a desired animation effect and templates
  4. We create a storyboard from what is planned
  5. We design the video with Background music, voice over, and other special effects
  6. We send it to you for Pre-production assessment
  7. In Post-production, we make necessary updates and deliver it to you.
  8. We provide you with Publication options and business tips.

Service Title Trend Basic Expert Ultimate
Service TitleScript Writing Short Scripting Basic Scripting Advanced Scripting Professional Scripting
Story Board Creation No No Basic Professional
Duration 6 sec to 20 sec 45 sec to 60 sec 60 sec to 90 sec 60 sec to 90 sec
Output Resolution 720p 720p 1080p 1080p
Output Format wmv / mp4 wmv / mp4 .wmv / mp4 / flv wmv / mp4 / flv / Quicktime
Whiteboard Animations No No Yes Yes
Motion Graphics Regular Regular Advanced Professional
Typography Effects Regular Regular Advanced Professional
Character Animations No No No Yes
Design Templates Templates Templates Custom
Background Music Royalty Free Music Royalty Free Music Royalty Free Music Royalty Free Music
Transition Sound Effects No No Basic Professional
Logo Opening Text Animation Text Animation Text Animation Advanced Animation
Call To Actions 1 Time 1 Time 2 Time 5 Time
Revisions 1 1 2 3
Project Duration 3 Days 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days

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