Plett Yamaha

Working with bigger brands are always more exciting and more challenging as the criteria that need to be met are always more of… Well, this job was no different and we enjoyed both moments of joy and disappointment on the way to completion. Nonetheless, it was a project that needs the best for us and for the client in a very competitive and exclusive field.



Well you might or might boats are long objects and for that reason, they do not willingly fit into the normal image framework and for this, we needed to use all real estate we had perfectly.


In combination with use our workspace well, the images also had to be surgically selected to not lose any value of these higher reached products while showing them off in excellence.


The site launched just before the holiday season and as the company moved location after 22 years on the previous site. All I can say is that Plett Yamaha enjoyed a record season.

13% less CTR

19% less CPA

153% ROI

6657 Unique Visitor

What We Did For Plett Yamaha

Plett Yamaha was surely a fun project to work on and it’s always better when a brand like them already offers a wealth of information in the given product.

On-Page SEO

The new site needed on-page SEO and all that goes with that. Keywords were a bit more selective and gave a good result

Website Design

Built a new website for a new store location and wanted to be sure to keep it simple yet functional for the end user.

Competitor Analysis

Objectively exploit an expanded array of manufactured products vis-a-vis high-quality quality vectors uniquely

As mentioned before when products are priced for top earners competition comes with more knowledge and budget

Social Profiles

Created all social pages including graphics and optimization so these profiles can be in synergy with the website.