Cyrus Brokers

On Page SEO is a real must and normally should be included in the design phase of a website, but every now and then we need to be done after, but as they say “better late than never”. Selling local petrol stations nationally means exact keyword phrases for broader geographical areas were the target with siloing to the second tier LSI’s. Good project to work on.



The first big issue was to create a proper structure for the site as some designers design and never paid any attention to optimization requirements and therefore this site lacked structure.


When it comes to On-Page SEO we stick to what works and the basic is the best way to lay a strong foundation to get any site rank ready. From there we tweaked to match the message.


A site ready for Google & Bing and continued online marketing. We did notice an increase in ranking for the top five chosen keywords without any inbound additional links or marketing.

11% less CTR

5% less CPA

41% ROI

1358 Unique Visitor

What We Did For Cyrus Brokers

Nothing more than on-page SEO and then a backlink analysis. As mentioned before good on-page SEO really offer a business it’s online foundation.

Keyword Research

Developed a list of keywords to build and rank now and into the future, ensuring the development of matching content.

SEO Analysis

Analyzed the site with our complete benchmark web auditing software to really take a close look at what was needed.

On-Page SEO

Covered all factors on page SEO factors in our comprehensive list of todo’s when it comes to optimizing a site.

Backlink Audit

Ran a backlink audit and showed which links are still relevant to the end game and which should be disavowed.