Adam & Eve Salon

Adam and Eve Hair Salon is a small boutique salon catering to an upmarket clientele and we wanted to duplicate what how some many ladies keep themselves busy while in the salon, and we noticed they spend a lot of time paging magazines and we wanted to incorporate some of the same functionality is our design.



Not conforming to the norm when it came to design and overall feel of the website. Keeping in mind the modern flair Adam & Eve Salon promotes with an inspiring edge on styling.


For Adam & Eve, we incorporated some experiences from the shop and real life. Charlene wanted to keep it simple, new and practical and we delivered a site to match or promise.


Adam and Eve Hair Salon enjoyed a 35% increase in bookings and Charlene was able to afford to keep permanent staff for all the sections and still keep enough to call making a living.

25% Increase CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

2362 Unique Visitor

What We Did For Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve is now a go-to salon in Plettenberg Bay with new clients flocking to the shop every day and due to good service delivery growth is almost automatic.

Keyword Research

Looking for those golden nuggets worth ranking for, you know those that show intent to take some kind of action locally.

Website Design

Created a beautiful and functional website that will stand out from the competitors while not forgetting to convert

Competitor Analysis

Knowing who y9ou up against and what they’re up to when it comes to digital marketing is very, very helpful

Social Media

A&E is a social place and they needed to be on all major social platforms to reach their audience on a daily schedule