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When Was The Last Time You Did On-Page SEO?

Are you aware of the series of onpage SEO recommendations announced by Google lately? It is not about Robots.txt, sitemaps and Meta content anymore. Google came up with over 12 advanced technical recommendations for onpage SEO optimization in the year 2016 alone. They have now introduced AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages), Rich cards and a significant number of Schema’s. onpage SEO optimization for local businesses is redefined by Google. If you are running a CMS such as wordpress then it is time that you update the latest versions of SEO plugin’s (Yoast SEO, All in One SEO) for effective onpage SEO optimization. We deliver effective onpage SEO optimization by OnPage SEO experts which ensures smooth crawling and thus more traffic and visitors to your web pages.

On-Page SEO Optimization Process

Our onpage SEO optimization starts from the root, which is the Webmaster tool. The following onpage elements are analysed optimized from the Search Console.

  • Canonical URL optimization Canonical URL’s are duplicating URL’s pointing to the same content. This confuses the search engine crawlers and is often mistaken for duplicate content which is very bad for the website health. Our onsite SEO team will identify canonical URL’s and implement the right code.
  • Preferred Domain Set preferred Domain https:// , https:// or https://www based on the nature of website.
  • Targeted Locations Set International targeting or Country level Targeting based on the nature of website.
  • Robots.txt Creation/optimization Optimize robots.txt file for precise crawling. If not found we will create robots. txt file and update it.
  • XML Sitemaps Generate, recreate or optimize XML sitemaps with priority, frequency and submit them for crawling. We ensure that the sitemaps are crawled without any errors.
  • 301 & 404 redirects Create 404 error pages (page not found) and redirect 301(permanent redirect) respectively.
  • Site Structure Analyse and optimize URLs (https://www.abc.com/cat25/prod1145 to https://www.abc.com/pediatric-dentistry) and Navigation (bread crumbs) for latest SEO standards.
  • Orphan Pages Identify and remove standalone/orphan pages.
  • Duplicate Pages Identify and remove duplicate pages.
  • Google Penalties Check for Manual & Algorithmic penalties.

Site level onpage SEO optimization deals with loading time for desktop and mobile, responsiveness, mobile usability etc. This plays an important role in onpage SEO as Google recently announced that the site should load within two seconds. Site speed and usability is considered as an important ranking factor.

  • Site Speed Optimization Will check loading time of the site on mobile and desktop. Optimize the site elements to achieve a decent loading time.
  • Mobile Responsive Analysis We will check for mobile responsiveness and device compatibility and report.
  • Mobile Usability Analysis We will analyse mobile usability and recommend changes for a higher mobile usability index score.

Page level onpage SEO optimization is the most important factor as it paves way for crawlers to find, crawl, index and show your web pages on SERPs. Each and every element of a page should be optimized for the latest standards. Page level optimization involves Meta content (from the start) to the end of content on the page.

  • Keyword Research & Mapping Do a thorough keyword research with help of Google Keyword tool and others. Identify the right keywords based on Industry, location and competition. Our onpage SEO team will map the right keywords to the respective page.
  • Meta Content Creation/Optimization Create, optimize Meta content (Title/Description) with targeted keywords.
  • Keyword Density Optimize content for the optimum keyword density.
  • Schema Integration Integrate Schema (Rich Text) for page elements such as ratings, reviews, Industry, Person, Profession etc. Schema integration is the vital part of onpage SEO optimization as it is an universal code for all search engines to identify the web page element.
  • Header Tag Creation/Optimization Create/Optimize H1-H2 tags by including targeted keywords.
  • Content optimization Eliminate duplicate content, thin content and optimize content with rich keywords.
  • Image optimization Optimize images with appropriate alt tags.
  • Multimedia optimization Optimize multimedia (video, presentation etc.) with the right tags and keywords.
  • Script Blocking (Fetch as Google) Using fetch as Google option our Onpage experts will identify any scripts which block the crawlers and fix it.
  • Outbound Link Optimization Optimize outbound link with respective no-follow tags.

Facebook & Twitter uses OGP (open Graph Protocol) tags to build the text, image, and title of shared content. OGP tags control the posts which appear on Facebook and Twitter.

Install Yoast SEO and perform the following

  • Post Meta titles and meta description and Keyword
  • Add Open Graph meta data / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Google+
  • Meta Robots configuration
  • Install Breadcrumbs
  • Generate and submit XML sitemap
  • Update robots.txt and .htaccess
  • Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Search Console Integrate search console for your website to track domain data
  • Google Tag Manager/ Analytics Create Goals & funnels to track visitors, conversions & transactions.

Our Affordable Onpage SEO

On-Page SEO Small Site
$ 247 ZAR /One Payment
  • Domain Level
  • Site Level
  • Page Level
  • Analytics for Tracking
On-Page SEO Large Site
$ 409 USD /One Payment
  • Domain Level
  • Site Level
  • Page Level
  • Analytics for Tracking