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My Irresistible List of Building 10 Lead Magnet Ideas

Lead Magnet Ideas: The two most pressing issues struggling marketers want to know more about our list building and traffic. The two go hand-in-hand. In order to build a list, you need the traffic to your site.

But once those visitors have arrived, you have to have an offer that is unbeatable in terms of convincing individuals to hand over their contact information and agree to be contacted by you in the future.

There are several ways you can entice people to do this. Some people try to take the safe route, creating a common slant that doesn’t rock the boat or cause too much discussion.

A better way to handle it is to focus on topics and strategies that have your customers expecting great things from you. This is often intimidating to newer marketers, who don’t want to over-estimate the value they’re going to give and risk disappointing someone.

They start homing in on the question of whether or not the subscriber will feel like it was worth it to enter their name and email address. Instead of taking the safe route, you want to shake things up and make a splash as a formidable niche leader.

Lead Magnet Ideas: Teach Them How to Cut Costs

One of the most important things to many of your subscribers will be money-saving tips. Regardless of whether you are talking about the marketing niche, survival, or even weight loss, people need to know how to get the best results and meet their goals without spending a small fortune.

You can help your buyers shop smart by learning how to strategically evaluate the products and tools they are considering. You can show them how to use certain tactics – such as couponing or shopping during deal days – to get the most for their money.

Because of the fact that your lead magnet is free and promises to help them save money on things they are spending cash on, it will go a long way to create goodwill between you and your new subscriber.

There are some people who charge an arm and a leg for a guide on how to save money, which kind of defeats the purpose. Instead, they want to squeeze as much out of their readers as possible, regardless of whether it hurts them.

Lead Magnet Ideas: Give Them an Amazing Shortcut or Hack

Second to money savings, your prospective subscribers will appreciate saving time, too. Time is a commodity that is in short supply for most individuals. You might be teaching them how to fit exercise in throughout their busy day.

You could be showing them how to save time writing content for their blog if you’re in the marketing niche. If you’re in survival, you might be teaching them how to quickly and easily escape a dangerous survival situation, and they will appreciate having this knowledge.

If you are going with a shortcut or hack type of lead magnet, you can have an entire report about one particular hack, such as a report that teaches people how to meal prep in order to stick to a specific calorie count and avoid the temptation of eating junk food because they aren’t in a rush.

Or, you can create a report that is full of many shortcuts and hacks that will help your readers achieve more throughout the day in a shorter amount of time. When they are implementing your advice and freeing up more hours in their day, they will be more apt to return to your site for additional guidance that can improve their quality of life.

Lead Magnet Ideas: Press on an Extreme Pain Point

In just about every niche, there are one or more pain points that almost seem crippling to your audience. It can be an emotional reaction, financial, or even physical. You can address these issues with a lot of empathy, followed by solutions that will help them ease the pain they are experiencing.

For example, there may be people in the weight loss niche that feel the pain of failure. They have been dieting for years, the scale is on a rollercoaster that goes up and down, and they are experiencing shame that won’t subside.

If you can help people ease their emotional wounds and get back on track, it will go a long way in building trust between the two of you. Failure is a great pain point to discuss in a lead magnet, but it’s not the only one.

You might also highlight issues such as not being able to afford things, whether it’s regarding courses, training, or supplies. There is shame and frustration that goes along with lacking the money that you need to achieve your goals.

Whenever you want to create a lead magnet on a pain point, list the emotional, physical, and financial problems associated with your niche. It might be something based on fear, anger, money, time or even literal pain such as arthritis in some niches.

Lead Magnet Ideas: Pair a Guide with Over-the-Shoulder Videos

Most people who create a lead magnet do so by writing a short report, converting it into a PDF document, and zipping it up for their subscribers to download and read on their own time.

But keep in mind that not everyone likes to read. Video is one of the most popular media formats that people can learn from. Whether you are creating a slide presentation or filming yourself on camera discussing a certain issue, they may absorb it better if it is presented in video as opposed to text.

There are also times when you can pair the two and gift your new subscribers a guide, along with a video series that helps show the readers what you’ve been discussing in more detail.

You may want to split test the two and see which type of media format offer converts better for you, including a hybrid of the two. It may turn out that you don’t present well with video, or your audience is one that prefers text instead.

Lead Magnet Ideas: Provide a Case Study They Can Follow

They say that the proof is in the pudding. No matter what niche you are in, your readers will appreciate the opportunity to follow along with a detailed case study that proves to them that you know what you’re talking about.

This could be a case study about how you used private label rights (PLR) to start earning $100 a day in a particular niche. You can show them how you shopped for the perfect PLR vendor, for example.

You might go on and share how you tweaked the content, where you posted it, and what monetary or other return you got from each item that you used. Make sure you give a detailed account of everything you did.

When you create a case study, keep in mind that your readers will not be as well-versed as you are in the situation. You want to speak to them and show them the process from a newbie standpoint so that they aren’t left with more questions than answers.

Lead Magnet Ideas: Devise a List of Top Tools, Courses, or Leaders

In many different inches, you will consistently be asked by your audience about the best items that they should be returning to achieve their goals. They may want to know about an email autoresponder tool, the best plug-ins that will help them get their blog search engine optimized, or who they should follow if they want to learn more about creating sales copy that converts.

If you can deliver a lead magnet that shows them the path to take whenever they want to invest their time and or money in tools, courses, and leaders, it will help them start off on the right foot and assist them in avoiding any missteps.

This also shows that you have a good ability to curate good information for your niche audience. That means, whenever they see that you have a new blog post – such as a top 10 product review list – they will eagerly devour that information in the future.

Lead Magnet Ideas: Make a Simple Checklist Out of a Long Process

When you’re creating an effective lead magnet, it’s not about volume. It’s about need and effectiveness. You can create a 100-page eBook and give it away free, but that doesn’t guarantee that anyone will sign up for it.

There are many times when a simple checklist will be all your visitor needs to sign up for your list in exchange for the free gift. For example, you might have a checklist of 20 daily marketing tasks that will grow your income.

Or, you could have a checklist 17 weight loss habits they should integrate into their day if they want consistent weight loss. Or you might hand over a checklist of everything they need for a 72-hour bug out bag if you’re in the survival niche.

Lead Magnet Ideas: Reverse an Idea to Pique Their Interest

Everyone has typical slants such as, “Top 10 Tips for Success.” These are so common and numerous, that your customer may have become blind to those offers or assume they have heard it all before.

Instead of using something that everyone else is doing, switch things up. You can pique the interest of the prospective subscriber by promising to show them why they are failing as opposed to how to succeed.

They may have been trying to figure this out for months or even years and are tempted by your offer so that they can see where they’ve been going wrong. You can do this in many different niches, such as the number one reason why your body refuses to lose more weight.

Or you might create one on 10 survival mistakes you may not know you’re making. These mysterious slants make people want to sign up just to make sure they aren’t doing something wrong.

Lead Magnet Ideas: Highlight a Top 10 List of Strategies or Things They Need to Know

While it’s always nice to get list of products, courses, and people to follow, it’s also important to know what tactics to learn so that you can achieve your goals. For instance, with weight loss, there are dozens upon dozens of diets plans you can cover.

Each of these works to help people lose weight, but they all have different pros and cons to following them. The same can be said for making money online. There are many ways to send traffic to your website, both free and paid.

If you can help them separate the wheat from the chaff, it will position you at the top of their go-to guru list. Even if you only narrow it down to 5 or 10 as opposed to the number one best strategy, it helps them eliminate many different things that would’ve wasted their time in money.

Lead Magnet Ideas: Share Printables They Can Put to Use Immediately

Printables have become very popular online in many different niches. Whether you are mapping out your goals, journaling about your struggles, tracking your weight loss, checking off survival supplies, etc., being able to print out someone else’s readymade template or checklist – or even a journal page or calendar, can be very helpful and convenient.

There are many instances where people cannot find the type of resource they need in a major chain store or on a site like Amazon, and they don’t know how to make it themselves (or don’t have time to).

When you are one of the participants in the same niche, you will know more about what people need to stay on the right path to success. You may have created templates for yourself, and you can make blank ones for your subscribers to download, too.

Printables do not have to be large bundles of content. You can have a single checklist, and one page printable and give that away as your lead magnet if it is valuable enough to your target audience.

Or you can take the route where you do bundle up different types of printables for them to download and use in their life to make things easier. For example, with the weight loss niche you might give them a pack with printables for meal planning, pounds lost, calorie counts or carb counts, and more.

If you’re in the marketing niche, you might have a printable where you give them a checklist or planner printable with all the tasks listed for an info product launch. That might include tasks such as recruiting affiliates, setting up their listings on their platform of choice, etc.

Creating an irresistible lead magnet is really summed up by being willing to take risks and be bold. Try to set yourself apart from the usual content they see on offers like this. When you’re able to do this, you’ll be positioning your offer as a no-risk enticement where their curiosity is more powerful than their ability to pass it by.

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