Learn How to Make a Bot the Smart Way!

How to Make a Bot

How to Make a Bot: Chatbots are all about creating “great” experiences for both businesses and customers. A compelling bot can bring solutions to many common business issues. However, the final outcome strongly depends on the design and technology used. If you are wondering how to build a bot, the next few lines will be of immense value to you. 

So, let’s get started on the basics of building a bot. 

The Purpose of How to Make a Bot

First things first, if you are planning to build a bot and integrate it to your website – you assume customers to use it. Also, you are under the assumption that bots can be used over mobile apps, emails and conventional phone conversations. 

To be more precise, businesses design bots to compete for user “time” and “attention” against mobiles apps or calls. 

With such intentions in mind, you need to figure out a reliable roadmap. Your plan must take care of all “odds” in the journey. 

According to experts, the best way to build bots is by considering factors that would not contribute to success. Indeed, you may find this as a negative approach. But, it works well with bots. 

Factors that don’t influence bots

How to Make a Bot: #1 Smartness

The smartness of the bot doesn’t greatly matter. This is because customers are not going to analyze the artificial “intelligence” behind your bot solution. There is very little evidence that a smarter bot is going to please your clients. 

On average, chatbots are designed with machine learning and natural language processing abilities. A bot with these qualities may not answer all the questions raised by customers. Numerous factors influence the accuracy and effectiveness of the bot. As developers or designers, you need to focus on how well the bot adapts to user behaviour and questions. This does what “matters” to both businesses and customers.

How to Make a Bot: #2 compatibility

Next in line would be the number of natural languages the bot can understand. Once again, this doesn’t play a big role. Chatbots have to be great in conversations. The bots need a wide vocabulary, and even the ability to crack some jokes. Unless the chatbot is able to solve “actual” problems, it will be of no use to customers. To be honest, many bots don’t know how to communicate. Still, they serve their purpose beautifully. 

How to Make a Bot: #3 Speech Recognition 

Many businesses strongly believe that activating speech would improve the effectiveness of their chatbots. This is not the case in many situations. Advising customers to “talk” to bots can make the entire process frustrating. When you design a chatbot for your business, ensure that it is the right channel for “voice”. 

Ask these questions:

  • Will the customer shave access to sophisticated voice gears? 
  • Would the website be accessed from a busy environment? 
  • How will the bot handle external noise?
  • Will the voice functionality complement the text-based conversations? Or, would this be the only form of communication? 

Conclusion on How to Make a Bot

Once you choose to integrate a chatbot with your business site, you need to invest lots of time and effort designing the entire solution. This “stage” make a big difference in how you build the bot. 

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