How to Choose A Chatbot For Your Website

Chatbot For Your Website

Chatbot for your website is definitely hot! By the end of 2022, more than 80% of online websites will be powered using Chatbots. And more than 30% of marketers believe that Chatbots are one of the most powerful solutions provided. Indeed, a chatbot for your website has come an exceptionally long way. Today, it would be rather impossible to design a successful e-commerce site without this functionality. 

Now, let’s understand the scenario with numbers. A study conducted by LivePerson revealed that 70% of calls and requests are handled at a faster pace by Chatbots for websites. More than 60% of customers prefer interacting with businesses through Chatbots. Mainly because the Chatbots are both faster and “to the point”. When compared with traditional calls and customer support workflows – the Chatbots are highly convenient. 

With this being said, here are few tips on how to choose a chatbot for your website.

Chatbot For Your Website: Minimum Viability

First things first, the chatbot for your website offer minimum viability. If the primary goal of your chatbot is to offer round the clock assistance and relieve customer support teams off 70% the questions – a lightweight tool will be sufficient. Most of these tools make use of natural language processing to find the actual intention of the query.

Chatbot For Your Website: Marketing

A commonplace for a chatbot for your website would be the advertisements. Undeniably, the bots are great marketers! They can be used to target products at the right customers, with the correct profile. 

This is why you need to choose Chatbots with the ability to recover carts, automate re-marketing sequences, and even customize ads.

Chatbot For Your Website: Advanced Chatbots for Websites

If your main goal is conversations e-commerce, it would be important for you to train the artificial intelligence program running in your chatbot. The chatbot must be capable of deploying multiple messages, touchpoints and tackling numerous devices. Always focus on Chatbots that would integrate with your existing framework. And, check if it favours your engineering team’s favourite programming language.

Picking the Right Channel

Choosing Chatbots for websites doesn’t end here! Many a times, you need to choose based on the right channel.

Some of the most commonly found channels for Chatbots are Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype and KiK.

Before you pick a chatbot for your e-commerce website, you need to figure out why the above bots are famous. This will help you decide on an appropriate brand like Nike and Sephora have embraced the use of Facebook messenger bots. This change can be attributed to the rise in the number of customers who are willing to buy via SMS. An additional benefit leveraged by these brands is: customers who engage through the chatbot can be redirected using coupon codes and deals.

Ultimate bottom line!

Now would be the best time to introduce a chatbot into your site. In the upcoming days, this would become to norm for customer support. Hence, designing and investing in this industry will add more value to your business, and even cut down on costs. 

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