Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Get More Conversions by Deconstructing your PPC Ads

Get more conversions by deconstructing your PPC ads – Chefs have been playing with improving the presentation of food by deconstructing meals into their components before recombining them into dishes that are a better version of the ingredients’ former selves. Sounds almost exactly like what PPC experts are doing with ads these days. When creating a responsive search ad, we’re deconstructing our creatives into their core elements which Google can later recombine into must-click ads.

What’s particularly great about this process is that when we deconstruct our old ads, we can get rid of any of the parts that were less compelling and focus more on what users have liked in the past and what drove sales for advertisers. In this post, I’ll share a Google Ads script you can use to deconstruct your own ads and learn what parts are worth keeping and which to discard.

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