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A facebook Chatbot will get you ready to take full control of each conversation with every client, prospect and lead. Automate conversations and businesses processes while sounding like a 1-on-1 branded chat with your audience.

What Can A Facebook Chatbot Do for your Business?

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Keep Customers Happy 24/7

We are in an on-demand society. Customers want results and answers, without having to wait 24 hours for a result. Most don’t care if they are getting help from a human or chatbot… as long as the get the help they need, when they need it. Make it easy for your visitors to connection with your business by answering their questions 24/7

Increase Your Revenue

Customers want to be fully informed and educated on a product or service before making a purchase. Enhance the shopping experience for your customers by giving product knowledge and expertise in real time. Have on-going personalized conversations about your products and services. 

Build Relationships

Trading emails for little or no value giveaways is old. Customers want to know more before giving more. Build strong relationships with your visitors and nurture them into valuable leads by qualifying them automatically before you ever speak to them. 

Showcase Your Brand

No matter your industry, product or service, customers expect an authentic experience when dealing with businesses, even online. Engage customers in a 1-on-1 conversation without distractions, keep them updated daily and showcase your brand through humor and storytelling. 

Handle Repetitive Tasks

You and your staff are doing repetitive, error-prone tasks. Let your chatbot handle all of the monotonous tasks associated with customer support. Allow your staff to focus 100% on the task that require a human touch

Grow Your Business

Every business reaches a point where scaling becomes difficult, even if you have the resources. Your chatbot will work 24/7 and can be trained to enhance your marketing, sales, support and brand even as you grow.

Top Facebook Chatbot Benefits

  • Offer Round the Clock Customer Support
  • Get More Online Reviews from Real Customers
  • Automate Your Loyalty & Gift Voucher Offering
  • Manage Your Home Delivery or Curbside Service
  • Build a Customer List of an Engaged Audience
  • Generate, Nurture & Segment Leads & Prospects

We're the Best Facebook Chatbot Messenger Experts

Our Facebook Chatbots Messenger Experts will get you found & help you gain traffic & grow revenue. We help our clients get more clients. We are laser-focused on results and ROI with Messenger Marketing Services for our clients.

Explore Our facebook Chatbot Services

Our Facebook Chatbot Services are focused towards the Hospitality, eCommerce, Public Figures, Motivational Speakers, Virtual Concerts & SaaS Product Launches. We've created a range of benchmark Facebook chatbots for your pleasure.

Business Facebook Chatbot

Industry Chatbot Service

Business Facebook Chatbot Service

An business Facebook chatbot is a bot that will deliver similar type of information as your website. Only now, we're doing through a branded conversation while learning interest of each individual by means of tags and custom fields. We also add a simple lead gen flow  so you may start collecting personal contact information immediately.

Are you ready to see a Live Industry Chatbot in action right now inside Facebook Messenger?

We've build 30 different local business demos for you to choose from, these include: Real Estate, Restaurants, Law Firms, Financial Services, Beauty, Fitness, Photography and more!

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Home Delivery Facebook Chatbot

Delivery Chatbot Service

Delivery Chatbot Service

This Chatbot Service was initiated as a direct response to the worlds current situation where movement and gatherings have been put on hold.  We saw how small business owners are being assaulted by hefty commission and monthly fees from more popular home delivery solutions.

We came up with a simple yet super effective method to take delivery or curbside orders inside Facebook Messenger. With 1.3 Billion active monthly Messenger users and more than 20 billion messages are exchanged between business and users monthly on Facebook Messenger. It's a great place to get subscribers and engagement while delivering your products to your customers.

How to PIVOT YOUR BUSINESS to an Online Ordering Takeaway / Pick Up Powerhouse in 48-Hours or Less!

Re-connect with your customers and get online orders FAST with this easy to implement delivery / pick up solution!

Are you ready to see a Live Delivery Chatbot in action right now inside Facebook Messenger?

Our Delivery Chatbot offers you the opportunity to take online orders for delivery or curbside pickup and does the checkout through Stripe or PayPal and you get your own dashboard to upload new categories, products and pricing for items and delivery. We've also added a tip feature for the staff.

Leverage Your Website, Facebook Page and Messenger To Drive Online Sales With Zero Commission.

Take Online Orders

With our online ordering website widget you could be up and running with a fully functional delivery or pick up solution in a matter of hours!

Our powerful online ordering system software will enable you to receive orders placed on your own website, Facebook page or Facebook Messenger.

Chatbot Service Home Delivery Service
Chatbot Services Home Delivery Bot Order

Instant Real-Time Orders

The Chat'n Deliver App for Android or iOS, on your own smartphone, makes it extremely easy for you to accept online food orders FAST!

Simply install our free order taking app for Android or iOS, on your own smartphone, tablet or iPad to get started INSTANTLY.

Unlike most food delivery solutions there are ZERO commissions to pay. You're in full control with this end-to-end solution.

See it in action and try it for yourself above!

Accept Online Payments

With our seamless PayPal and Stripe integration you can get your cash flow back up and running quickly.

Far too many businesses have given up large percentages of their profits by using third party solutions. With our solution you're in full control of every aspect of your business allowing you to expand your loyal customer base & ultimately, sell more and profit.

Chatbot Delivery Bot Facebook Ordering App

Take Orders Directly in Facebook & Messenger

If you have a Facebook page for your business you can now take advantage of our online ordering system directly within Facebook and Messenger.

Your customers can now order without even leaving your restaurant's Facebook page.

Here Are The Benefits of This Amazing Online Ordering System

  • Cost Effective with NO monthly commissions
  • Keep and own the database of your customers
  • Set up done for you. No Coding required
  • Versatile & Flexible
  • Your own payment gateway integration
  • Scheduled deliveries and pick up times available
  • See your orders as customers place them in Real-time
  • Automatic opening time detection
  • Leverage the power of Facebook and Messenger for online orders
  • Delivery and Pick up Curb side solutions
  • End user ease of use meaning more orders for you
  • One-click Reorder

Get your "OWN BRANDED APP"  to add to this already Powerful Delivery System!

Get your own branded app. This app is optimized for frequent ordering. This app features only your restaurant. This app has your logo background.

Recommended for those restaurants looking for a native installation on their smartphones or tablets. This restaurant app includes Apple and Android app store listings, with your logo branding.


Monthly payment plus one-time $197 set up fee




  • Messenger Delivery Chatbot
  • Online Payment System
  • SMS "I'm Here" Notification
  • 500 Subscribers
  • Email Support

Monthly payment plus one-time $247 set up fee




  • Everything in Standard Plan
  • Own Branded App
  • Table Reservation Widget
  • First Order Promotions
  • Facebook Hot Link

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Mobile Wallet Loyalty Facebook Chatbot

Loyalty Chatbot Service

Loyalty Chatbot Service

This Mobile Wallet Loyalty System is the best creation since sliced cheese! This cleaver little chatbot automates your entire loyalty and reward system inside facebook messenger, run a stamp card or points based loyalty card. Send reward cards via Messenger, SMS & Email to reach your clients on multiple marketing mediums . 

Our Loyalty Chatbot Service Includes

  • Device Detection
  • GDPR Protection
  • Intelligent Routing System
  • SMS & Email Content Flows
  • Email & Phone Verification
  • Conversion Boosters
  • Proximity Marketing Push Notification
  • Staff Authorization
  • Branded Conversation Flows
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • User Data Updates
  • Our Zapier Team Account (For all related automation)
  • 2000 Mobile Wallet Passes (To get you started)

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Reputation Facebook Chatbot

Reputation Chatbot Service

Reputation Chatbot Service

The Reputation Chatbot Service is more designed to be used as an add-on for some of our other chatbot services. For instance when a customer adds points to there loyalty card, we can now trigger an event where we send the a review request inside Messenger and ask then to rate the business. If the review is not completely positive, we collect the feedback and the bot will notify the person within your business that deals with customer care. 

Positive Reputation Chatbot Flow

When the review is positive, we again ask for the feedback in text and/or video format and then guide the client to share the review online to one of 3 options available to you. This might be Yelp, Facebook TripAdvisor or Even Google My Business, there are 900+ to choose from. This ensures you get predominantly 4/5 star reviews online that will drive even more customers through your doors! The bot will also remind your customer care person to get back to this client who had a negative experience. All positive reviews are then saved on your very own RepCRM Dashboard to use again and again for outreach marketing on blog post, popups, email and social media

Pretty Cool Right? 

We Help BUILD YOUR REPUTATION from Real Customers when they've actually visited your store Automatically!

We are now living in a Reputation Economy.



Increase revenue by adding MORE reviews and new stars to your rating. Our feedback generation tools boost review collection offering a friction free review process.



Let your happy and satisfied customers do the selling for you! Promote your excellent reputation online and offline.



Transform customer reviews into marketing assets that deliver greater profitability and a steady flow of new customers.

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We help businesses like yours collect more customer reviews where it matters the most, improve customer experience, generate new clients and more sales.

Increase customer engagement with an inviting user experience. Give customers an opportunity to feel heard, learn which areas of your business you can improve and let prospects read about previous customer experiences.

Convert prospects with reviews that are authentic, optimized for search, and shared through social media.

  • Get More Customers
  • Increase Revenue
  • Collet More Reviews
  • Launched in 2015
  • Affordable Prices
  • Used Worldwide

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Knowledge Base Blueprint Omni Channel Service

KBB Chatbot Service

Knowledge Based Blueprint Omni Channel Chatbot Service

Before We start sharing more about this Bad-Boy and believe me this is the benchmark of messenger marketing and this was proven when this exact chatbot became the 1st & 2nd most successful messenger marketing campaigns to date and below we'll share more the in's & out's of the KBB  system.

First we need to pay homage to Phillipe LeCoutre & David Sambor the creators of the amazing and second to none Messenger Marketing Masterpiece of innovation and determination. "Hats off to you guys" job well done!

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Achieve NEXT LEVEL Omni Channel Marketing Funnel Automation Success With Our Platinum Done For You Service That Has Made Our Clients Over $12-Million In Extra Sales!

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The Masterminds Behind the KBB Omni Channel Funnel

As back-to-back Conversations Conference Speakers and the masterminds behind the infamous KBB Launch Funnel, David Sambor & Philippe LeCoutre are true masters at creating high converting fully automated Omni Channel Sales Funnels.

"The key to success is being Omni Present" - Dean Graziosi

We'll help you get more qualified leads, more traffic and YOU sell more to your new and existing clients by leveraging our Omni Channel technology and marketing strategies.


A $6 Million Increase in Sales!

Providing the right message in the right communication channel is absolutely ESSENTIAL to provide a smooth and frictionless journey to purchase.

Our Done For You Solution provides multiple touch points with "SMART" automation so that your message is consumed at the right time to give your prospective new customers motivation to consume your content.

BOTTOM LINE...Right Message, Right Time, Right Channel = MASSIVE BOOST IN ENGAGEMENT & SALES!

KBB Chatbot Service by DSA and MME

What Can We Do For You?

KBB Chatbot Service 1

As Pioneers in advanced automation and Omni Channel Marketing we have proven time and time again our strategies pay huge dividends in conversions and sales.

Through strategic use of multiple communication channels we have boosted webinar attendance, increased engagement and provided complex solutions without the need for entrepreneurs to go through steep learning curves.

To work with us simply click on the "Apply Now" button below to see if we are a good fit! Click here to see a full overview and pricing

Watch the Case Study Below

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Shopify Loyalty Facebook Chatbot

Shopify Loyalty Chatbot Service

Shopify Loyalty Chatbot Service with Mobile Wallet

This Chatbot is COMING SOON

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City Pass Facebook Chatbot

City Pass Chatbot Service

City Pass Chatbot Service

This Chatbot is COMING SOON

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