Bot Tracking: Are you aware this is a thing of the future?

Bot Tracking

Bot Tracking: The dawn of Chatbots might appear like a scene from a sci-fi movie. Indeed, bots can be considered as one of the finest artificial intelligence solutions in the industry. Chatbots are an interesting technology that can bring benefits to both businesses and customers. As you read this post, bots have already become a key player in the customer service industry. By the end of 2024, this industry would be worth around $7 billion. 

A major reason behind the rapid growth of chatbots would its interactive nature, and the willingness customers have towards it. In the year 2018, more than 60% of online users have been exposed to bots. Nearly 50% of this crowd are happy to use bots. If you are still battling on the fence if bots can help you or not, the next few applications will lend you a hand of help. 

Here is a quick walk through few important use cases for Chatbots. 

Bot Tracking

One of the most common uses for Chatbots would be tracking. You can use the AI solution for figuring out the actual status of orders. 

The moment a customer placed an order, they will expect it to reach on time. In many situations, customers would inquire if the order will arrive as planned. Hiring a separate customer service team to handle these questions will be expensive. This is where Chatbots prove to be useful.

Bot tracking is a simple but efficient technology. By default, bots make use of an internal database and a collection of rules. Based on the question and rules, the database is traversed. When a customer requires for order details, it would be the “basic” job of the bot to search its knowledge database and extract details. Doesn’t this sound simple? Regardless of how complicated or big your system is – the bots are likely to present data within a fraction of a minute. 

Bot tracking is several times efficient and accurate than manual methods. To be more precise, many online users prefer Chatbots for tracking orders over customer support calls and emails. This is how famous tracking technology is! 

Bot Tracking for Targeted Advertisements

Next, businesses can make use of the bot’s extended ability to track customers. Yes, you read it right! Bots are smart AI solutions. These solutions can be programmed to understand more about the interests of customers. Many a time, the searches made by online users can tell a lot of things about them. Bots are smart in capturing these pieces of information. With these details, businesses can put together a perfect marketing strategy.

For example, based on previous searches, businesses can target advertisements to their customers. This gives clients another reason to visit the site. Apart from advertisements, the bots can be used to send coupons and discounts to tight customers. And, who doesn’t like to avail free coupons from a brand? The challenge here is: sending the right coupon to the “apt” customer at the “correct” time.

Luckily, bot tracking can help marketers offer better solutions to their clients and bot tracking is very effective for Omni-Channels and re-targeting.

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