An Ethical Chatbot Development Cycle!

Chatbot Development

Chatbot Development is an art. Before every step, you need to understand the goals and objectives of your business. These details are essential in putting together a clear scope for the project. Bots can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks. It is important to figure out “what” your bot has to do for you. Also, potential hurdles to be overcome before your bot is completely “trained” needs to be identified ahead of time. 

Before the chatbot development cycle begins, few areas have to be covered. Let’s discuss these, for putting together an intelligent bot. 

Chatbot Development Roles and Goals

First things first, your chatbot development project needs steadfast roles and goals. Always ask your team, and yourself the question “why”. The moment you come up with an answer to this question, you need to identify what the bot would do. The role of chatbot development needs to be discovered by the business. Meanwhile, you need to understand how the chatbot would save money, time and effort. 

Your goals will turn into input values for the bot. Consequently, the bot has to be programmed to generate appropriate results. If you are developing a bot for the first time, keep the goals as simple as possible. As your business grows, and your skills evolve – you can improve on the targets. 

Know thy audience 

Building a chatbot without target audiences is a total waste of time! For your chatbot to be a “true” success, you need to figure out what target audiences need from your business. Factors like user demographics, age group and expertise need to be clarified. 

In fact, many companies analyze previous searches and questions from target audiences. Knowing your customer base proves to be useful in many places. One, it will help you build a more “specific” chatbot. Two, you will be able to enhance your marketing efforts. 

The platform 

Talk about chatbot development will be incomplete without the development platform. Over the years, numerous chatbot development platforms have arrived. Some of them have been successful, and many were forgotten. If the chatbot is meant to interact with customers, it has to develop in an environment your clients are familiar with. 

For example, text-based bots are best integrated with Facebook and Skype. These are famous social media sites, used by billions of people around the world. 

When interactions happen with the chatbot, it is important to evaluate if it would add more value to your business. 

Dialogue flow

Next comes the dialogue flow. The flow of information during conversations are “extremely” important. The bot cannot make mistakes here. Mainly because misinterpreted information will result in a big loss for the business. 

The user interface 

Finally, you need to put together a conversational user interface. Human beings have the tendency of asking common questions in multiple ways. The bot needs to be intelligent enough to understand this and present the best response. The conversation needs a story, and a perfect ending to be marked as successful. 

In fact, this is when the entire chatbot development gets completed. 

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