All about Building a Chatbot! Brilliant Things you need to keep in Mind!

Building a Chatbot

Building a Chatbot is definitely a rage in this millennial era. Whether you are aiming for a robot assisted investment management solution or a way of tracking you are eating habits – brands are keen on using technologies that would give them an edge. The real challenge with building a chatbot would be the design and development process. A lot of thought needs to be put in for a successful experience. 

When building a chatbot, here are a few factors you need to bear in mind. One, the best opportunity needs to be seized for the project. Chatbots can be created using reputed frameworks, or with the help of open source. The final platform strongly depends on your needs. If you are running a business that demands an enterprise solution – you need to be picky about your chatbot development technologies. 

Before the actual development phase, the need for a chatbot in your business environment has to be studied. This will be a lengthy process. Yet, invest plenty of time and thought around it. Try to predict as many FAQs as possible. Also, the entire workflow of the chatbot needs to be documented. The logic plays a crucial role in the bot’s actual behaviour. Without a well-implemented logic, it will be very difficult to get the bot working. 

Building a bot is never complete without proper testing. The bot needs to be tested in multiple environments. Any gap in the solution needs to be identified and rectified. 

Factors to Consider when Building a Chatbots

Successful bots have one common quality: they offer a brilliant user experience. This is something that can differentiate the good ones from the rest. And, when you design a Chatbot, user experience should be one of your key concerns. This is where many businesses lack.

Apart from user experience, here are few more factors you need to bear in mind.

Does the bot require minimum steps for completing the task? Is the problem solved promptly?

Is the bot better than any other solution in the industry? Now, you need to be concerned about the quickness and accuracy of the Chatbot. 

Can the bot be executed on a variety of devices, ranging from desktop computers to laptops to mobile phones? Device compatibility plays a crucial role in the design and development of bots. This is extremely important because more than 60% of online users’ access websites and makes purchases using their smart devices. 

Can the chatbot be discovered easily? Is it the site’s natural ability to initiate the bot? Many a time, customers will not be aware of the building a chatbot on your website. You need to convey the feature to them. 

The bottom line

Most of the above questions focus on how the bot is presented to the user. It is all about building a chatbot that is both user friendly, and appropriate. Hardly would you come across questions on “smartness”, machine learning abilities or natural language skills. This is why you need to remember that building bots mean a lot more than answering questions.

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