A Magical Story: Chatbot Creation

Chatbot Creation

Chatbot Creation: Almost all internet users would have come across a chatbot at some point or the other. It could be a quick discussion with Alexa or an interactive session with Facebook Messenger. The use of bots is not a new phenomenon, but the awareness and need are increasing sharply. In fact, the artificial intelligence technology behind bots is making the industry is extremely competent and challenging. 

Every time you interact with a retail chatbot, you are communicating with a sophisticated solution that uses AI and machine learning. Bots can be integrated almost anywhere. In fact, you can even choose to introduce them into your search toolbar. This way, customers will be able to search for information based on “personalized” queries. 

With rapid technological advancements, bots will start to interact like “human beings”. The responses will have a human touch, and the need for customer support teams will reduce significantly. 

With this being said, here is are few points to be remembered during chatbot creation. 

What can Chatbots do? 

The actual beauty in chatbot creation would be endless boundaries. There is so much a chatbot can do. As mentioned previously, they can be used to perform searches, offer customer support and assist with product suggestions. In a real environment, bots can be used to book hotel rooms, make flight reservations and keep an eye on the stock market. This list is quite big, and the scope for bots is going to increase in the upcoming years. 

It is important to understand that chatbot creation depends on the bot’s purpose. The technology and rules need to be modified based on the “expected” behaviour. There are several different types of bots in the market. Before you kick start chatbot creation, you need to be aware of the different types and strategies behind each one. 

When you evaluate bots, keep the following in mind: application, intelligence and script complexity.

Menu or Script-Based for Chatbot Creation

One of the most important aspects to be considered during chatbot creation would be the “script”. A typical conversation with the bot will be simple and straightforward. If you take a good look at the conversation, you will come across a tree hierarchy. The menu-based bots expect you to plan the workflow with choices from a predefined list of options. On the other hand, script-based bots involve more coding and supervised algorithms.

Keyword Recognition 

During chatbot creation, plenty of focus needs to be given to keyword recognition. Smart bots make use of artificial intelligence to learn from every conversation. Bots are programmed to “see” the words typed by its users. Without the use of an explicit script, the bot needs to understand the user’s words. This process is tricky because “too many” words will add up to a different meaning. And, users often believe that “more words” will make the question clearer. 


On the whole, Chatbots can be treated as an infant! There is so much to learn and uncover in this zone. And, now would be the best time to dive deep into this technology.

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