A Basic Guide Through Bots for Facebook!

Bots for Facebook

If you are an active online user, you will be aware of the fact that online chatbots are here to replace mobile applications. Bots for Facebook has conveniently replaced the need for email marketing. In the upcoming years, this technology will override “traditional” customer care methods. This is because online chatbot technology has the ability to boost revenue and cut down on costs. And, all of these benefits can be witnessed when you are asleep. 

In the past few years, plenty of hype has surfaced around the use of Bots for Facebook. It is not a “big” surprise. After all, a study done by oracle revealed that 80% of online businesses will be using chatbots by the end of 2020. 

Can bots for Facebook promise anything? Or, are we at the beginning of a big technological change? Here are some facts to help you understand the science behind chatbots, and how they gel with social media networking sites like Facebook.

What are these Bots for Facebook?

By definition, chatbots represent an automated software solution. It makes use of artificial intelligence or natural language processing systems and can be used to interact with human beings.

Chatbots are carefully programmed or designed to understand what “people” are asking. This means bots are widely used to answer questions. In the long run, bots can be used to automate tasks too. From a customer’s point of view, chatbots are easy to use and convenient. 

Let’s imagine this with an example: “You don’t need to wait for a phone call, or talk to someone who doesn’t understand your language”. The chatbot presents solutions at your fingertips. And, these artificial intelligence solutions are genuinely fast. 

On the other hand, Facebook chatbots are designed to work within the Facebook Messenger. Every month, the bot converses with a billion active users. In case you have an account on Facebook, you might have come across the bot! Between 2018 and 2017, the number of Facebook bots increased by three times. 

Need for Bots in Facebook 

Now, you may need to understand why the bots in Facebook are essential. There are two major benefits in using these bots. 

One, the bots in Facebook will give you a cheaper entry. Whether it’s the user or your business – you don’t need to make a “grand” entry. Bots in Facebook are cheaper than mobile applications. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on building a bot. This is how expensive a reputed mobile app builder can be. 

Two, you have access to a huge range of target audiences. With more than 6 million advertisers, Facebook has only 300,000 chatbots. This proves the scope you have for growth and revenue in this zone. Less than 30% of marketing emails from Facebook are opened. At this rate, a technology like bots for Facebook can change the marketing scene for you. 

In simple terms, bots in Facebook will help you reach target audiences at ease. And, you don’t need to invest a big deal on customer support! 

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