5 Famous Myths About Chatbots!


Chatbots have become increasingly famous in the past few years. Indeed, the e-commerce industry has promoted the use of this technology like never before. With more and more chat bots entering into the industry, people have fallen for a dozen myths too! You will be fascinated to come across so many misconceptions around the use of chatbots, the design behind these technologies and their benefits. 

In this post, we have gathered some of the most common myths on chat bots and debunked them. So, let’s get started! 

Chatbots are absolutely “novel”

Wait, did we hear “novel”? Yes, many people consider this as an element in the digital revolution. Though the use of chatbots is more popular now – the technology has been around for decades. 

ELIZA was the first chatbot to be developed. It was launched during the late 1960s. The script was programmed to simulate psychotherapy. And, ELIZA did a great job. It utilized non-directional questions to kick start a conversation. 

Chatbots can Pretend to Talk Like Human Beings

To some extent, this myth might be true. Meanwhile, the illusion is due to a Turing Test. The test is considered to be a pass if the judge is pushed into doubts. 

On the other hand, newer chat bots are similar to messaging applications. They don’t pretend to be as human beings. At least, you will never come across the phrase “Sir, I don’t understand you”. 

Chatbots Always have a Conversational Interface 

Newer chatbots in the industry are designed with menus, buttons and more interactive elements. They are not restricted to conversations alone. For instance, some bots are designed to find gif images. This would be their only job. Likewise, flow-oriented chat bots are not designed to have any conversation at all. And, the flow-oriented bots don’t claim to master any natural language too. So, the next time you come across a chatbot, don’t expect it to start a conversation with you.

Chatbots will replace mobile apps!

This is one of the most overstated myths of all time! Can Chatbots replace mobile apps? Certainly not! The two are designed to very different tasks. One cannot replace another. When compared to mobile apps, Chatbots prove to have bigger and better benefits. Chat bots allow customers to make immediate orders. It can display a catalogue of products and services to potential customers. And, all transactions can be completed within a short span of time. As mentioned previously, Chatbots can be the “heart” of customer care and support. These are places where mobile apps fall behind.

Nevertheless, mobile applications have a unique range of uses. Chat bots can complement mobile apps but never replace them. 

Chatbots will Increase Unemployment

Undeniably, this has become a concern for many people in the customer care industry. Chat bots have the ability to handle most customer queries. But, this doesn’t eliminate the need for human beings. Chat bots and human beings need to work together in the customer care sector. Tasks that cannot be completed by the bots, will be reassigned to the employees.

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