5 Amazing Different Types of Chatbot Templates

Chatbot Templates

Chatbot templates can be categorized into several types. It is important to choose the right template for your business. The template needs to be both relevant and appealing. For that, you need to be aware of the five templates, it’s purpose, benefits and drawbacks. 

The role of a chatbot template is to provide an out of the box solution. You must be able to integrate the template with any site, and not worry much on its accuracy and efficiency. Remember, chatbot development involves a template and a scripting language. The chatbot template acts as a starting point for the entire development activity.

So, let’s get started on the chatbot template categories.

Basic Chatbot Templates 

This is one of the most primitive templates in the industry. If your chatbot involves a dialog, which accepts user input – the basic bot template is more than enough. This bot needs a minimum number of files. And, not much coding is involved.

The role of the bot is to respond back whenever the user types a question. This is how simple the basic chatbot gets. If you are using bots for the first time, the basic template is a great one to start with! The conversation flow can be started easily in your website.

Form Chatbot Templates

Next would be the form of chatbot templates. These bots are designed to collect information from users. Very specific pieces of information are obtained from the users. 

For instance, if the bot is used to take pizza orders, it needs to gather details of the base, toppings, cheese and size. 

The scripting language used in these bots play a crucial role. They can determine the overall complexity of the bot. However, you need to get the use case right before picking the form chatbot template. 

Language Understanding Chatbot Templates

Undeniably, these are town’s most advanced chatbot templates. They make use of natural language processing to understand the conversation made by its users. A HTTP endpoint is deployed to fetch the message and decode it at the earliest. The entire process happens in a matter of few seconds. This is why chatbot based customer support is faster than the traditional ones. To enable this, you need to identify certain entities and elements. These play a crucial role in building the bot’a language understanding and processing capabilities. 

Language understanding bot templates are exceptionally interesting. They are constantly studied and improved by the experts. 

Question and Answer Based Chatbot Templates

The role of these templates is to capture semi structured data like answers and questions, which can be latter converted into useful answers. The role of these bot templates are very prominent in Q and A makers. 

Proactive Template 

Finally, we have the proactive bot template. These templates send messages to users based on their preferences. These Chatbots can be used when reminders and announcements need to be sent to your customers. According to e-commerce business owners, these templates are very useful in sending abandoned cart emails. For the bot to send a message, it needs to be triggered by an external event. 

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