4 No Risk Reasons to Build Chatbots for Websites

Chatbots for Websites

Chatbots for websites can be used to perform a range of operations. This would be your first step in tapping Artificial intelligence into your business. According to a recent study, most business owners want to use bots for common reasons. And these reasons can be categorized into types like searches, knowledge extraction, language processing and tracking.

The APIs used to create Chatbots for websites are designed to learn with every scenario. This means any question asked, or search executed using the bot will make it smarter. In the long run, Chatbots for websites can serve as the first point of contact, for your business. And doesn’t this sound wonderful? 

Now, let us dive deep into the various use cases for Chatbots for websites. 

Language understanding 

First things first, Chatbots for websites can be used as a part of your customer support team. The interaction initiated by bots with your online viewers will be form less. This means, customers do not need to fill forms, or search for your contact details. The channel for learning more about your business will be given to them upfront. This is what both, businesses and customers are longing for. 

When it comes to language understanding, the chatbot must become a master of the following fields: sentiment detection, spell checking and language modeling. 

Knowledge extraction! 

One of the most common use cases for Chatbots for websites would be knowledge extraction. Without an efficient knowledge extraction algorithm, it will be difficult for the bot to meet any business need. As mentioned previously, bots need a real scenario to learn and respond. 

Knowledge extraction done through human means will take time and is always prone to have errors. On the other hand, Chatbots tend to enjoy an edge by executing algorithms as quickly as possible. Also, the bot can be trained to extract border cases too. This means customers (or any user) longing for information will be given “plenty”. 

Web search 

An advanced use for Chatbots in websites would be the search facility. Let us understand this with an example. Microsoft Bing is a renowned search engine that allows businesses to include intelligent search functionalities to Chatbots. By implementing few lines of code, your bot will be able to extract information from thousands of websites and millions of images. The bot can be programmed to return data based on geography, market, and language. This means, your search results will be more personalized than ever. 

Using Chatbots in websites will help in improving your marketing strategy. Undeniably, this would be the next generation of marketing techniques. And anyone who chooses to procrastinate will be behind in the race. 


Last but certainly not the least, Chatbots can be used as a part of the tracking functionality in your site. Investing in customer support teams for handling “tracking” is a tedious and an expensive task. To be more precise, it does not add any value to your existing business. On the other hand, Chatbots make tracking a bliss. If the bot is programmed accordingly, it can gather all the relevant details about an order in no time! 

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