3 Important Facts about Your Web Chatbot!

Web Chatbot

Web chatbot solutions are certainly on the rise! In this modern era, it would be difficult to address all the queries of potential customers. In fact, businesses that handle “every other query” with the help of a customer support engineer is likely to suffer issues like latency and exhaustion. This is when the web chatbot becomes useful. This is a smart technology that can redefine customer care. Of course, the uses of chatbots are not limited to customer support. In this post, you will read about the ins and outs of chatbots used in websites. Let’s get started. 

What are web chatbot solutions? 

By definition, chatbots work as virtual assistants. They aid in finding things, buying products, remembering crucial things and even solving puzzles. A great example of this AI solution would be Apple’s Siri and Alexa. But, let’s not get this deep. This post is all about your virtual assistant on websites. 

Web Chatbots help businesses stay connected with customers at a better level. This kind of interaction is essential for companies to grow and focus on “other” factors. Immediate response, complaint registration and prompt resolutions are three major reasons to integrate Chatbots in your site. These solutions work with the help of pre-programmed rules. 

The Future for Web Chatbot

Studies reveal that the future of web Chatbots is “too good to be true”. In the upcoming years, this is ought to become a billion-dollar industry. Premium brands like Uber, Nike, and CNN have adopted web Chatbots. 

Are you still curious to know if web Chatbots can support you? If yes, keep reading. 

Fact #1: A Billion Customers 

Currently, more than a billion customers make use of mobile apps for buying products and services. The world’s top four messaging applications are much bigger than the planet’s top four social media networking sites. As the number of mobile users increases, it is important to have a solution that would complement its functionalities. This is the role played by Chatbots. 

Chatbots are not limited to the web. They can be used along with mobile apps too. 

Fact #2: People Like Chatbots 

The mindset of a customer is very interesting. Their primary goal is to get the job done! Whether it is a new product or an answer – customers look for immediate solutions. (This could be a side effect of new technologies.)

Web Chatbots are several times quicker than traditional customer care services. And, online users tend to admire this! Nearly 60% of the world considers Chatbots as an interface between the business and customers. In fact, many customers prefer hearing from a web chatbot, when they want emergency resolutions. 

Fact #3: Its a Retail Thing

Finally, web chatbot is treated as a connection between customers and retail brands. Mobile apps can be used to interact with businesses. But, the chances of getting an immediate, valid response is less than 30%. On the other hand, the chances of getting a “response” through conventional emails are less than 15%.

Chatbots tend to bridge this gap.

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