3 Amazing Rocket Science Questions Behind AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots

With e-commerce businesses on the rise, the power of AI Chatbots can never be understated. A crucial component of marketing would be personalized experiences. It is important to create websites and features that would keep the users engaged. Likewise, businesses need functions that can ascertain on brand image. With this being said, the live AI chatbot must not surprise you.

These are nothing but intelligent Chatbots that can redefine your experience with the brand. The moment you hear the term “chatbot” it is quite evident that you are not talking to a real person. But, Chatbots are expected to have a human touch. For this to be achieved, the AI chatbot needs to be smart. The real crux is not in the use of chatbots, instead it is all about the intelligence quotient that comes with the technology. 

Technically, AI Chatbots are expected to learn from every conversation. Also, the bots must be able to tackle all kinds of situations that come to pass. When the bot is moved to complicated territories, it is important for the AI solution to improve its intelligence. And, this is one of the biggest challenges in creating bots. 

After all, how smart can a bot become? 

How does AI Chatbots understand users? 

First things first, it is crucial for businesses to understand how AI Chatbots are capable of understanding users. A bot can be categorized as “smart” only when it understands user queries. 

Let’s understand this with a simple example: consider a bot designed for a hotel reservation page. When the user prompts a specific date, he (or she) might be interested in booking a room. Thus, the chatbot should be smart enough to display hotels that available on the specific day. Showcasing hotels that are completely booked will be of “no” use. A smart chatbot will be able to understand this, and present relevant pieces of information. 

In order to bring down the overall complexity of the solution, the design must keep all queries to a local environment. Meanwhile, Chatbots are based on the ability to learn and gather information effectively. This is why it is imperative to design Chatbots that can understand natural language. 

Can AI Chatbots become Champions in learning? 

A distinguishing trait in AI Chatbots would be its ability to learn. A smart bot can learn from every conversation. It uses these conversations for improving performance. Machine learning algorithms play an integral role in the learning abilities of chatbots. Yet, what is complicated would be the combination of supervised and unsupervised learning in bots. Both these technologies need to be leveraged for the bot to become “truly” smart. 

Do bots know the importance of getting customer questions right? 

The ultimate goal of any AI chatbot is to meet customer requests. For a bot to be successful, it needs to perform the task requested by the user. Thus, Chatbots have to plan a course of actions for completing the task. Also, bots have to progress from one request to another without “confusions”. All these steps are required for the bot to answer questions and meet customer needs. 

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