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23 Top PPC Experts You Should Follow in 2019

23 Top PPC Experts You Should Follow in 2019 – Want to learn more about PPC and keep up on the constant changes and news? Engage in the industry with paid search specialists who have a passion for everything in search and social that is pay-per-click advertising. There are several amazing people who specialize in PPC and have become experts in paid search marketing for many years.

The majority have certifications, “top” list recognition, awards, and have contributed to the development of Google and Bing search engines’ ad platform offerings themselves by providing their technical feedback. They share strategies, tactics, tips, tools, data, and so much more on social media and at conferences – as well as in articles, research, and blog posts! You will definitely learn something new every day from this list of paid search experts. Follow them to get tips and stay on top of industry news.

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